Monday, March 19, 2012

Equinox Santa Monica

I just joined the Equinox gym in Santa Monica, and want to give you a little sneak peek inside this awesome gym!  I have only been a member for a week so far, and I have already been three times, every time I've gone I have used the  treadmill, but soon enough I am going to enroll myself in one of their signature classes! 

Next week I have my complimentary training session & complimentary pilates session. I cannot wait for those! I am curious to see what the pilates session will be like because I have been doing pilates for a year with one person. I talked to my pilates trainer via email as we set up the session and she sounded really nice.

I love the sections they have just for doing cardio workouts. The treadmills and ellipticals are great! I just pop my headphones on and off I go; I am totally happy! Sometimes, if I feel like it I catch up on the news or watch a movie while I am walking up my 8.0 hill. My treadmill workouts are perfect little escapes during a stressful day.

A major point that brought me to Equinox is their point to make a wonderful guest experience and dedication to cleanliness, I knew right away after visiting the locker room that they were on top of it!

I definitely am looking forward to using their Kiehls body products and steam room!

 The small luxurious touches of this gym are going to keep me coming back, I mean what gym has this:
So far, after one week of being a member at Equinox, it seems like a perfect fit. It’s has a mindful, down-to-earth, happy vibe. I look forward to keeping you posted!


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  1. Hi, Emily..thanks for coming by. I'll bet when you saw all that powdered sugar at the end, you nearly died. I see that you are a healthy eater. :)

    I had a hard time finding your COMMENT section as the writing is the same as the background. Thought you might want to change your font color so it will be easier to see......just sayin'
    xoxo bj