Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pilates Play

  I cannot tell you how much I love pilates! Pilates is the BEST! It’s a little different from yoga. Pilates, like yoga focuses on the breath and it’s all about core strength. Nothing gives me a better abdominal workout than pilates. Pilates was originally a form of physical therapy. Pilates makes me feel like I am getting a better stretch compared to any exercise I have done. I also never get bored, at times with other workouts and exercises I find it hard to really focus, but Pilates is all about mindfulness and the more mindful you are in your workout the more effective the workout is! Pilates is truly an opportunity to practice mindfulness.
There are several machines, and so many different variations and techniques. Every pilates workout I have is different.

 I also love pilates because it really tones my body. I have also seen people in my studio lose weight doing pilates. Pilates does it all! It strengthens, tones, heals, elongates, and I am sure much much more, all while focusing on the breath. Pilates is the PERFECT workout for me so I encourage you to try a class at your local studio. One of my favorite places to go is Revolution Fitness in Santa Monica, they just opened another studio in Venice too! The classes run for an hour and your entire body is given a chance to work every single muscle inside!
Pilates is a total recommend for those of you looking for a workout to strength and tone your body all while building a healthy strong mind.


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  1. This looks awesome! I have always wanted to try Pilates and now I think I have to!