Sunday, April 15, 2012

Axe, Venice CA

Axe, Venice CA

I am thoroughly impressed by this neighborhood restaurant in Venice that serves all of Los Angeles! My family went there for Easter dinner and had a fabulous healthy meal and a great time!! Axe offers a seasonal menu that is diverse, yet simple and focuses fresh local farm ingredients. The space is modern, open, and airy with big windows allowing for a wonderful ocean breeze and a comforting refuge from the city. In addition, they have an amazing zen-like garden in the back outside with tables and if you are feeling chilly they will offer you your very own blanket! How's that for a guest experience?! 
The food was beautiful upon presentaion and tasted delicious, I grabbed a couple shots of the food before we indulged...

6 Inspiring facts about Axe:

- They buy organic seasonal products directly from local farmers.

-They deliver their kitchen scraps for compost back to the farm, contributing to the creation of healthy soil

-They buy their bulk staples from an organic distributor such as: grains, flour, dried beans and oils

- They source as many organic products as possible including wine and beer

- They use a reverse-osmosis filtration system to purify their water – which is the only purification system that removes fluoride from their drinking water

- They use bio-degradable take-out containers, cleansers and laundry soaps

 The food feels nourishing. It’s healthy soul food. A total reccomend if your a local or traveling in town!

Have a wonderful week everyone! Until next time!


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