Sunday, December 30, 2012

Healthy Habits for 2013 & beyond!

As we ring in the new year I thought it would be a great idea to bring attention to some healthy habits I go by, and to share them with those in search of some healthy resolutions!

Resolutions are what we are all used to making in the new year.. and sometimes they don't "stick" because we are trying to resolve a problem. Instead I like to see the positive light and incorporating new healthy habits to my lifestyle, this makes the transition much easier and more natural. So check our my healthy habits, and let me know what habits you will pick up in the new year!

Breakfast! I eat breakfast every single day! It really is the most important meal of the day and it gets your body going as well as your metabolism after your fast, while you sleep!

Drink water! Water is my favorite beverage of choice, whether at home or out and about I always have it on hand. Even when the weather is chilly we still need to hydrate. I love dressing it up to sometimes to add a little something special like cucumbers or lemon.

Healthy appetizers before a meal ! I always like to start a nice meal that I make with a fresh salad if my main meal isn't a salad, it assures all sorts of needed vitamins in my daily diet, and it fills me up a little faster when I am eating the main dish.

Meditation- This is a huge part to my mornings, no matter were I am, I always make time for clearing my mind and preparing for the day. I also like to write a page of things I am grateful for in the morning, it really starts the day off on a good foot.

I hope some of these healthy habits help in your journey to living a healthy mindful life in this new beautiful year of 2013!


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