Sunday, April 22, 2012

Super Strawberry Spring Smoothie

Spring is the season for Strawberries, and they are one of my favorite fruits! And now that the weather is getting warmer, I am starting to crave my morning smoothies. It’s time to get out your blenders! I don’t know about you, but during the winter when it’s chilly in the morning, I want my warm organic eggs or oatmeal.
This is a strawberry smoothie that I think you will enjoy. It is full of protein, vitamins and minerals, and a few amazing superfoods that give it an extra unique flavor. This smoothie tastes sweet with some malty overtones, which come from the combination of the maca & mesquite. The gogi berry powder gives you a dose of antioxidants. I especially love drinking a smoothie with coconut water in the morning because when we wake up we are the most dehydrated and aside from pure water, coconut water is the most hydrating liquid you can drink. It is full of electrolytes. Coconut water is great to drink anytime!
1 scoop Sunwarrior Vanilla Raw Vegan Protein Powder
1 cup fresh organic strawberries
1 fresh Thai coconut
½ tablespoon maca powder
½ tablespoon mesquite powder
½ tablespoon gogi berry powder
1 dropper full liquid vanilla stevia

Chop open your fresh coconut and pour coconut water into blender. Spoon out coconut meat and place in blender. If you do not have the tools to cut open a fresh coconut or the time, substitute your coconut with a nut milk, like almond milk. I use a coconut because it thickens the smoothie. Place the remaining ingredients in your blender. Blend on medium and then high, until done.

Now Enjoy!
To great days and an amazing week! 
Until next time-Emily

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