Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tadasana Festival 2012

 So this past weekend Tadasana Yoga and Music Festival took place near my home in Santa Monica, CA...  It was their inaugural event and I wanted to check out the community space that was open to the public just to get an idea of what the festival had to offer!

There were numerous yoga inspired vendors, it was great to see the latest and greatest in apparel, it was also really nice to see the up and coming companies, I talked to a couple owners of the clothing companies and the community closeness was comforting and made me want to purchase their products even more!

Another great offering was the food! There was a great variety of healthy food vendors at the festival as well! I stooped by Lydia's Lovin Foods, she had a large array of choices to pick from, all vegan, gluten free and raw! Lydia has been in the business of healthy foods for over 20 years and you can definitely tell with her delectable treats! She also has a restaurant in L.A. where she offers both Raw and Cooked foods!

I also encountered Giggle Juice Cafe, they are a traveling juice cafe that offers great fresh all organic smoothies and juices at an array of festivals! They also offered some vegan and vegetarian soups!

All in all after participating in only the public portion of Tadasana I'd have to say it was pretty enjoyable, I did feel that the yoga portion (that I did not attend) was going to be much larger, and on the actual beach, but to my surprise the closed off part was pretty small and the festival took part in an empty parking lot near the ocean, not the actual sand... Again, it was their inaugural event and they can only grow from here, I look forward to the festival next year!

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  1. I'd love to be there next year ... what fun. It sounds wonderful.