Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Wonderful World of CACAO!

There is so much to say about chocolate and cacao, or raw chocolate, I almost don’t know where to start! You might consider me a chocoholic. My relationship with chocolate has changed significantly over the years. There was a long period of time in my life when I was addicted to refined sugar: Once I started to eat it, I couldn’t stop. I would binge on cookies and baked goods until I felt sick. I was a sugar addict, like someone addicted to heroine! As a holistic health coach, I believe that there is something in our bodies that can make some of us addicted to refined sugar, and once we start, we just cannot stop!

My relationship to chocolate changed when I discovered raw chocolate. Raw chocolate has no refined sugar! Raw chocolate in moderation became a staple in my diet about 3 years ago when I discovered it’s magical healing powers.
Why I love cacao:  
-        The cacao bean is a weight loss and high-energy food.
-       Cacao contains the highest concentration of antioxidants of any food in the world!
-       Cacao might be one of the greatest sources of magnesium, a very high alkaline mineral.
-       Cacao is high in serotonin, the primary neurotransmitter in the body, which helps combat depression.
I cannot end this blog without mentioning specifically the cacao is a Superfood. It is a food which I say gives you the “most bang for your buck.”  It is packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that far exceed any “normal” fruit or vegetable. Because there is no refined sugar it is bitter, and the higher the percentage of cacao in a raw chocolate bar, the more bitter it will be. It can be an acquired taste. For me I like the taste, and I only need to eat a little of a raw chocolate bar to experience the extraordinary taste.  
In addition, a great way to get your cacao is to cook with it! You can use cacao powder in smoothies or make raw desserts. Check out my recipe for Chocolate Mousse with Gogi Berries on my website


There is no doubt that there is something special about chocolate. If you are a chocolate person, or are looking for a little low-glycemic energy boost, I hope this blog has inspired you to try raw chocolate!

Until next time!

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