Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ganocafe: An Enriched Full Bodied Black Coffee

A friend and colleague of mine recently turned me on to a new coffee drink called Ganocafe; it is bold black coffee enriched with a medicinal mushroom called Ganoderma lucidum. I have to say at first I was skeptical because it is an instant coffee, and then I tried it and I was amazed at how yummy it tasted – just like a freshly brewed cup of java!
Let me tell you about Ganocafe coffee and why it is different from your normal cup of coffee. Ganocafe is infused with the medicinal mushroom Ganoderma lucidum, otherwise known as Reishi Mushroom or Red Reishi Mushroom. Numerous studies have been done showing the amazing benefits of reishi mushrooms. The Reishi mushroom has been called “The Mushroom of Immortality.” I have made hot drinks with reishi mushroom extract powders and taken reishi mushroom supplements. Reishi mushroom might be the most powerful adaptogen available, meaning herbs and other substances that combat the body’s stresses and help the body overcome health challenges more quickly.
Back to Ganocafe! Ganocafe is a coffee-replacement that delivers the rich traditional flavor of coffee without the side-effects, like feeling jittery. It also does not have the acid and oils in normal coffee that too much of can upset your stomach and lead to imbalances in the body. It is a great way to start your day in a healthy way, and it is a great substitute for that afternoon cup of coffee when you are feeling that slump in your day. It also comes in a variety of flavors; I like Ganocafe Classic because there is no added sugar. I like to add some stevia to my Ganocafe and a little organic half & half.  You can even get creative and make cappuccinos!
I am very interested in this medicinal coffee. I think the product tastes great, and far too many people today are addicted to coffee. I just might start selling it myself! I will keep you posted!
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