Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vital Farms Eggs

If you are interested in feeding your body nutritious healing foods, after learning about and tasting Vital Farms Eggs, you will probably be hooked. These eggs excite me to no end!! I LOVE these eggs! Vital Farms eggs are “pasture-raised.” The hens spend their days outside in fresh air, freely grazing native grasses in small flocks. The farm staff regularly rotate the hens on the land so that they get plenty of exercise and to ensure that the land is protected from over-grazing. There are no pesticides or herbicides used and Vital Farms provides their hens with more space per bird than any other egg farm in the country!! These hens live happy, healthy, long lives and are treated with the utmost respect.
 Studies have shown that pasture raised eggs are higher in vitamins A, D, and E as well as bet carotene and Omega-3s, and contain lower cholesterol and saturated fat. I love eating eggs for breakfast, and I think that Vital Farms produces the BEST tasting egg. No doubt it is because the way in which the hens are raised: on salad and plenty of exercise! These eggs taste fresh and light. They are delicious and satisfying.

Vital Farms eggs cost a little more than other brands, and when you buy them remember that you are supporting the ecosystem, the humane treatment of thousands of grateful birds, and your health. Vital Farms eggs are a MUST! And the carton is so colorful and pretty! 

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