Monday, July 2, 2012

Farmers Market: 101

With Summer in full swing I've been outdoors all day everyday! I find any excuse to make my time outside more important then anything I have to do outside...
Even grocery shopping!

All through out the year I am a big farmers market shopper, I love buying organic and local.. I love knowing exactly where my food came from and forming a bond with the growers themselves! 

Another great point about farmers markets are the prices! Mass majority of the items at farmers market are far cheaper then shopping at my local market, theres way less overhead, and packaging for some edibles... All of these points, and the chance to roam around in the sun while picking up dinner fixings is enough of a  reason for me to buy the majority of my groceries at the Farmers Market..

I recently found a great site that lists all my local farmers markets and when they happen! Check it out here, if your in the L.A. area, if you live elsewhere just google "local famers market list" and a list of should pop right up! Please share where your favorite farmers market is!

Happy shopping!

-Until next time

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