Thursday, July 26, 2012

Primo Passo Coffee Co. for Organic Coffee

I just discovered a new place on the west-side called Primo Passo Coffee Co. that makes an award-winning Organic Americano. Primo Passo recently opened on Montana Ave. in Santa Monica on the corner of 7th St. across from Starbucks. Primo Passo’s espressos and teas are all ORGANIC!!! Additionally, they use organic milk in all of their coffee beverages! As a health coach, I suggest to my coffee-loving clients, whenever possible, choose organic coffee because it is lower in acid.

The owners are a sweet couple who have clearly put a lot of love into their business. They happily let me take photos and expressed their gratitude for the positive review I giving their new shop. I wish them the best!
Primo Passo Coffee Co. offers a welcoming environment to its customers to sit and read a book, get some work done on your computer, or chat with a friend while enjoying one of their delicious beverages. If you are going to indulge, their baked goods look outstanding as well.

Their coffee station is beautiful, clean and accessible, and offers all the necessities. They sell their organic coffee beans and will grind them for you. They also sell gourmet coffee makers.
Los Angeleno coffee lovers, I highly suggest that when you are in the neighborhood, stop by Primo Passo for an exceptional cup of organic coffee.

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