Thursday, August 16, 2012

How do you start your day?

The mornings lay the foundation for your day ahead. Many people jump out of bed and the rush of the day begins. People run off work, grabbing a banana on the way out the door. This routine sets yourself up for possibly a stressful and imbalanced day and can take a toll on your body. Try getting up a half hour early and taking a peaceful walk in your neighborhood, or listening to a guided meditation, or doing some writing before starting your day. Create a routine that works for you which grounds you for the day ahead. You will notice that when stresses come up during the day, you can handle them with more ease.
The morning ritual that works best for me looks like waking up, doing three pages of stream of consciousness writing in my journal,


while drinking my cup of organic coffee,

 then taking my dog for a walk around the block,


and then eating a healthy nourishing breakfast.

 My days are busy and things always come up, but the one thing that rarely changes, is my morning routine. It’s something regular that I can count on being there even when life feels chaotic.
A grounding morning routine is a great self-care tool and by taking better care of yourself, you take better care of others. So, treat yourself to waking up a half-hour earlier than you normally would, and do something that feeds your soul before your start your day!

Until next time!

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