Friday, October 12, 2012

A Change Of Routine...

Two weeks ago I broke my wrist in a skateboarding accident. It was a bad fall, and I fractured it in two places. At first I thought, “Oh no, I am doomed! No pilates and no yoga for at least six weeks! What am I going to do for exercise?” I have been doing pilates twice a week and yoga at least once a week for many years. They are my favorite forms of exercise; they keep my mind and body in shape. I also just started doing TRX, another great workout, at Kinesis. I was sad and scared for a moment, and then I realized I could get into a routine of daily powerwalks with my dog. I have always loved walking; there was no reason why I couldn’t make my daily walks with my dog into workouts. Now, I was 

I have been taking my dog on forty-minute powerwalks everyday, and they have been great! We make a big loop starting on the grassy strand in my neighborhood and then walk the bike path home going up a hill at the end. When I get home, I do my abdominal work and some stretches. My dog, Shanti, gets her walk, and I get a workout.
Exercise is a critical part of my health and wellness routine. I need the extra boost of serotonin that exercise provides. Breaking my wrist was stressful, so right now is an especially important time for me to make sure I get my exercise in.

I look forward to doing yoga again, and I miss my pilates. I do have a session booked next week for pilates, and I’ll get to do leg work. I am very excited! I am grateful I didn’t have a more serious injury, and I am grateful to have an amazing doctor. I will skateboard again, but not without wrist-guards!

Until next time!

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