Thursday, October 4, 2012

Eating Mindfully

This is the beginning of the time of year when most people are tempted to overeat. The holidays will soon be here, which means holiday parties. It’s getting dark out earlier, and some of us like to stay home and nest, and then we can find our minds wandering to what’s in the kitchen. Mindful eating is a great tool that can help you get through the holiday season when we are triggered to overeat.

What is Mindful Eating?
-       Not eating while driving.
-       Focusing on chewing.
-       Eating at a nicely set table.
-       Taking in the aroma of the food.
-       Tasting the food and identifying the tastes.
-       Slowing down if you eat fast.
-       Eating without distractions, such as TV or loud music.
By being present when you are eating your meals during the day and enjoying the flavors and smells, you will be more satisfied and not crave excess food. When we eat fast, it is difficult to listen to our bodies’ hunger and fullness cues, and as a result, we can overeat. Some of us may eat very carefully at every meal, but not mindfully, and at some point, the lack of presence, catches up with them and they binge on a huge meal, and of course do not even taste it.  

These mindful eating suggestions are not hard and steadfast rules. They are simply tips, or tools, to help you navigate the holiday food craze without gaining extra weight. If you can start following these tips now, maybe you will notice that this year it’s a lot easier to turn down that piece of pecan pie once you are already full on turkey, cranberry sauce, veggies, and salad. You can always have the pie later when you are hungry again. For those who struggle with overeating holiday candy and food, I hope these mindful eating tools help!

Until next time!

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