Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween & Healthy Alternatives

Halloween used to be a very challenging holiday for me. It wasn’t about dressing up or being with friends. It was about the candy and the sugar high I was going to get. I started eating Halloween candy before Halloween of course. My mom shopped early and kept it in a cabinet in the kitchen. Sometimes I had some pieces for dessert. Sometimes I just thought about that candy all the time and how it would taste and how much I would eat on the actual Halloween day. That’s what the mind of an addict is like. I was a food addict and sugar was my thing 99.9% of the time.

So, Halloween is here again, and this year 2012, I am a Nutritional Health Coach helping others not binge on candy this Halloween.

 Here are some facts about refined sugar:
1.)   It is more addictive that alcohol and heroine.
2.)   Sugar, or white sugar, is linked to diabetes, macular degeneration, cardiovascular disease and dementia.
3.)   Sugar enters the blood and causes a spike in energy, later followed by a crash, making you crave more.
4.)   Sugar can contribute to tooth decay.
5.)   Sugar can lead to increased anxiety and depression.
6.)   Sugar is void of all nutrients.
7.)   Sugar depletes the body of important minerals, vitamins, and enzymes.
8.)   Sugar consumption leads to the chronic low-level inflammation that is the cause of most chronic diseases.
9.)   Sugar is a major player in the obesity epidemic. Today, 32% of Americans are obese and additional 30% are overweight.
10.  ) When babies are fed sugar water, it has a natural analgesic effect and eases their pain.
Sugar is a powerful food! Many nutritionists say it is toxic. I no longer eat refined sugar and processed sugar. I enjoy natural sugar from fruit and 100% dark raw chocolates, and I love raw desserts made with cacao. Chocolate is a healing food & you can eat it in a form that is not poisonous. One of my favorites is Rawkin Raw Cool Chlorella-mint choc!

My suggestion: If possible, cut out sugar from your diet. That means, if possible, cut it out on Halloween too! I know it sounds crazy, but your body will thank you. There are many sugar-free alternatives that I think are just as satisfying! Do you really need that sugar?
Check out these recipes for festive sugar-free nutritious Halloween treats!

Wishing you a Healthy & Happy Halloween, 

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