Monday, March 18, 2013

Farm to Table dining is Here!

If you have not been and you like healthy clean food, you must go to FEED Body & Soul on Abbot Kinney in Venice. It has been open for about a month now; I went for dinner about a week after it opened and I look forward to going back.
When you walk into Feed you know you are in for a healthy dining experience.  The atmosphere is fun, casual, and city-like. 
When you walk in you will see their wild salmon roasting. At dinner you can order everything from a smoothie to an Acai Bowl to grass fed steak or stuffed organic chicken.

I personally loved the grass-fed beef, the wild salmon, and the vegan coconut cake. They also have a full bar with organic wine.

For health foodies like myself, the menu will knock your socks off, and for those who do not eat really healthy, I do not think you will know the difference! 
I love that Abbot Kinney with all of its stores, restaurants, and bars are right outside so you can make a fun night around your dinner out. FEED is also open for lunch. The beach is also a few blocks away if you want to meander to that way.

I can see FEED as a place for family dining, taking out groups of friends, parties, or even a romantic night for two! 

Love this spot! 

Until next time!

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