Thursday, May 17, 2012

Coconuts & Coconut Water

 Coconuts & Coconut Water
I am thrilled to write about how popular coconuts & coconut water have become. You can pretty much buy coconut water at any supermarket these days, and more and more people are drinking this nutritious refreshing beverage. Coconut water is extremely hydrating which is why I am so happy that people are catching on to this drink; most of America is addicted to caffeine and we are dehydrated.


At most Whole Foods and natural foods markets you can also buy the entire coconut. I think the best tasting coconut water is the water that comes right out of the coconut. Usually, you can ask a store clerk to open the coconut for you if it is not already open. Fresh coconut water out of the coconut is a refreshing delicious treat especially in the warm summer months!  

Here are just some Benefits of Coconuts:
-       They are one of the highest sources of natural electrolytes, and thus are an excellent source of hydration.
-       Improve digestion & absorption of vitamins and minerals
-       Improve immune system
-       Help regulate blood sugar levels
-       Contain powerful antioxidants
-       Help soothe and prevent skin rashes and eruptions
-       Help regulate hormones


There are numerous uses for coconuts. You can eat the meat inside as a snack. You can cook with coconut oil, a product you can buy at a natural foods market, and even use it topically on your body. I love the smell of coconut oil. The coconut meat is delicious to eat all by itself. Coconut water and coconut meat are staples in my smoothies which you can check out in the recipe section of my There are a variety of raw foods and desserts that use coconut that you can make at home and now buy. I highly recommend incorporating coconut products into your daily diet for increased longevity and vitality.

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