Thursday, May 24, 2012


Meditation is an excellent tool in helping you lead a healthy, balanced more relaxed life. It is a practice of observing your thoughts, judgements, and feelings and letting them go. Scientific research has also shown that meditation is helpful in recovering from trauma.

It decreases stress, anxiety, depression, and fear.

I used to think meditation only meant sitting in the lotus position on a bolster with my hands resting on my knees in the mudra position (with my thumb and middle finger touching). I thought I was supposed to sit for 15 minutes every morning first thing after I woke up before eating anything. This is what I was told for meditation to be most effective. I am not judging this form of meditation, if it is effective for you, then great.

My perspective on meditation is now wider. I have learned, that meditation can look like many different things. For some people, they feel most at peace and their thinking is most clear when they are riding their bike or taking a walk; this is their meditation. It could be taking a bath. It could be going to yoga. It could be doing a guided meditation while lying in bed. When you are feeling distressed, just a few deep meditative deep breaths can help bring you back into the moment. Using my senses often brings me back into the moment. When we can be mindful and in the present moment we make decisions that are in alignment with our core values, which in turn, moves us closer toward our goals.

If you do not meditate already, I encourage you to explore different kinds of meditation, and see what works best for you!  Happy Meditating!


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