Monday, May 28, 2012!

After a nice outing this weekend and a quick visit to one of my favorite workout clothing stores, I found out that lululemon athletica Robertson is hosting their very own "On the 12th," event!

The educator informed me that over the course of a year 12 lululemon stores were selected to host their very own On the 12th event, each store got to decide how they wanted to impact the community and bring yoga and fun! She said that the Santa Barbara lululemon did yoga on the beach, the Santa Monica store had a glow stick dance party with yoga incorporated! The event is very secretive, but they are giving hints on the website! 
So far they've hinted at: Tribal, Dance, Pound, Art, Om, Beat, Body & Roots

The event is complimentary and is on June 12th, mark your calender! I'm going, tell me if you are to!

Until next time!

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